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Here is a list of some files or packages I frequently use. You can download the complete collection here

Some words about the implementation of pwm-like tabs for sawfish

These ones are my contribution to sawfish. Mostly code for tabs in sawfish (code was rewritten in a much cleaner way, please ignore previous versions)

There is also some code to provide some frames (in the ion sense, like emacs windows if you prefer). More to come soon I hope. Here is an idea of what I would like to achieve : frames.png

The interesting part is the central area: the borders are managed as usual, the other windows are organized as groups, and the groups should communicate in some way to rearrange nicely. I think most of the code is written, I've got to test it and integrate it in the workspace management so that I can decide that some workspace should be managed as a framed workspace.

sigma/frame.jl Provide splitable non-overlapping groups (inspired by ion/ratpoison/wmi/...)
sigma/group.jl Make window groups
sigma/marks.jl Provide a way to operate on multiple windows
sigma/refs.jl Store references tables
sigma/tab.jl Emulate fluxbox tabs system

Following is the code from Merlin. I mirror it here, just by prevention :-)

merlin/clock.jl a bad clock
merlin/fishbowl.jl a bad fishbowl
merlin/iconbox.jl a bad icon manager
merlin/icons.jl another bad icon manager
merlin/menu.jl a bad raw sawfish menu
merlin/message.jl fancier message display
merlin/mp3.jl an mp3 playlist menu
merlin/pager.jl a bad pager
merlin/pile.jl a bad pile
merlin/placement.jl opaque placement and with resize
merlin/sawlet.jl a bad saw(fish app)let framework
merlin/sawlet-placement.jl a placement mode for sawlets etc.
merlin/uglicon.jl window icons
merlin/ugliness.jl options for ugliness
merlin/util.jl some utilities
merlin/x-util.jl some x utilities

Endly, some code stolen in places like the Sawfish Wiki. Most of this code I don't use, so don't blame me if it does not work.

accurately-set-a-workspace-background.jl Change the background on entering a different workspace.
another-shade-stack-windows.jl maintain a stack of shaded windows as iconify substitute
background-changer.jl changes the background
backgrounds-hack.jl various hacks
better-quote-event.jl another version of the quote-event function
corner.jl move windows into screen corners
corner-placement.jl placement of windows by first using corners.
corner-windows.jl Commands to position windows in the corners or at the edges of the screen
customize-messages.jl Redefine the (display-message) function to use customized attributes.
direction.jl focus window east/west/north/south of current one
dragscreen.jl DragScreen for SawMill
dynamic-menu.jl make the menu self-updatable
fixed-and-update-shade-stack.jl maintain a stack of shaded windows as iconify substitute
focus-by-direction.jl focus window east/west/north/south of current one
focus.jl Make sawmill remember the currently focused window when exiting a workspace and then refocus it when re-entering that workspace.
gimme.jl fast window access keyboard accelerators
iconify-all.jl iconify everything
iconify-on-open.jl iconify apps at startup
infinitedesktop.jl simulate a (quasi) unbounded desktop
jump-or-exec.jl flexible application shortcut keys
macros.jl emacs-style keyboard macros for sawfish
mandrake-menu.jl mandrake menu for sawfish
maximize-windows-fullscreen.jl Full window maximization as in WindowMaker
multi-level-undo.jl Remembers window activity (moving, resizing, iconifying, shading, workspace switching) and lets you undo it.
MWM-ish-stacking-of-transients-above-parents.jl shrink windows to fit.
no-mouse.jl throw away that evil device
number-windows.jl Add numbers to windows like emacs buffers
program-functions.jl A few commands to start programs by keypresses
randback.jl random backgrounds
rewrite-window-titles.jl Rewrite the title of some windows
rich-title.jl Show time, mail arrival, etc. on the title bar.
scrolling-viewport-switches.jl viewport scrolling
selection-push.jl Store multiple selections for later retrieval
send-to-head.jl send focused window to next/previous xinerama head
sensible-animated-viewport-scroll.jl sensible animated viewport scroll
services.jl send mouse selection to shell
shade-stack.jl maintain a stack of shaded windows as iconify substitute
shrink-windows-to-fit-2.jl shrink windows to fit.
stack-all.jl Puts all the visible windows on current workspace in the shade-stack
sticky-head.jl make one of your screens sticky
stop-focus.jl focuses a window when the cursor enters the window and remains stationary for a period of time.
string2.jl string manipulation library
tiling-functions.jl tile windows
waffle.jl switch to or exec new task
web-development.jl Swaps between editor and brower windows.
window-addressable-by-ids.jl simple window identifiers
window-dumping.jl Stack to keep track of dumped windows
wmaker.jl simple dock shaped after WindowMaker
workspace-persistent-focus.jl Make sawmill remember the currently focused window when exiting a workspace and then refocus it when re-entering that workspace.
xmms-controller-for-XFAudio-enabled-keyboards.jl control xmms from sawfish

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